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There are many Long Island builders around, however, if you are looking for the finest Long Island builders, then look no further than our organization. We are knowledgeable and experienced Long Island builders and we have a team of expert builders on our staff. The Parr Organization has been in business for five decades and we build quality homes and commercial buildings as well as beautiful developments all over Long Island.

We are the Long Island builders that will work closely with you to design, plan, and build the perfect home. We always meet with our clients to go over all of the details of their home. If you would like, we can help you to find the piece of land so we can start building! We are the Long Island builders that design and build the perfect home for you. Together, we can pick out the best property, the finest materials and all of the details including flooring, cabinets, appliances, accessories, colors and textures and much more.

Customers who are looking for Long Island builders that also design and build development communities should contact us. The Parr Organization and their partners are the Long Island builders that are currently building the latest Windwood Oaks community in Lake Grove. Windwood Oaks at Lake Grove is defined by beautiful and newly constructed full family single homes. All of our homes are energy efficient and built to meet the highest possible standards with many luxury upgrades you would expect to find in far more expensive homes. And if you would like, our Long Island builders will sit with you and review floor plans and photos of our current properties that are currently on the market.

Give our Long Island builders a call if you are interested in a custom-built home. We are also Long Island builders that specialize in wood-crafted custom built homes. You can work with one of our architects to design your dream home or choose from the plans to any of our beautiful homes in our Windwood Oaks communities. We are the Long Island builders that can build a home on the property of your choice or we can help you to find the perfect piece of property for your new home! If you choose to completely renovate or rebuild your existing home, our team can demolish the old home and then design and build a brand-new custom home!

All Long Island builders should provide the highest level of quality work, true craftsmanship and reliable and dependable service. Clients deserve Long Island builders that will stick to a time line with every job they perform or home that they build. They expect the job to be started and finished on time and they expect to be kept abreast of every phase of the project. They also deserve to be treated with respect. We are the Long Island builders that will exceed all of our customers' expectations.

We are always happy to meet new people and take on new clients. Get in touch with us today. We are the Long Island builders that can build your dream home.

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