We have never met a more sincere and honest builder than Henry. My cousin is a well-known east-end architect/engineer and inspected our home and said it was constructed above code and was an extremely well-constructed house. Another close friend is a high ranking member of National Grid who was originally with LIPA. He told us that he would have designed the HVAC system exactly the way our builder did.

Needless to say, we love our home and hopefully intend to be here for many more years.

Ron & Jill Kwoczka

We have been living here in Windwood Oaks for almost 9 years and owing a home here couldn’t get any better. We can’t say anything but the best in our experience working with the Windwood Oaks builders in building our new home. If you had any questions or complaints, they answered or took care of them and if not they got back with an answer.

They accommodated anywhere it was feasibly possibly and Our New Home turned out Spectacular. We would definitely recommend using the Windwood Oaks builders to build your new HOME, so come and be a new neighbor.

Kurt & Anna Abele

After searching for a custom ranch home, we met a great builder who gladly designed and built us a very "energy efficient" home. We followed his advice and are very very pleased with our soaring ceilings and quality throughout. He gave us personal care when building us a quality home.

Ray & Diane Lasak

Henry is one of the finest gentleman we have ever met. Even when challenges arose, his calm, reassuring, demeanor really sets the bar for how business should be done. Not only is Henry one of the most upstanding businessman I have ever had the pleasure of working with, but also he knows how to build an amazing home. On the stormiest of days, I know my family is safe, warm, and protected.

The neighborhood is also special. Having the convenience of nearly every type of store within minutes, combined with a small community feel, provides a location that cannot be beat.

C. B. Contois

We purchased our home approximately 10 -1/2 years ago. From the time we selected our site to the time we moved in and thereafter we found the team at Windwood Oaks to be professional, responsive and accommodating. We made minor as well as major changes in the process and the end result was a beautiful home that we have enjoyed for all these years. If I was asked if I would do it again with this company the answer would be definitively YES.

Joseph & Lorraine Salvator

After living in Lake Grove for over 25 years, my wife and I decided to upgrade to a larger home. We noticed, only several blocks from our home, a new community was being developed called Windwood Oaks. We gave a call and set up an appointment with the owner/builder Henry Schreiber.
After a two hour meeting with Henry, my wife and I were confident this was the company to build our new home.
We selected one of the many models offered, however Henry was able to customize the plans to meet our family needs. I don't know of another builder willing to make such changes from the original plans and I have worked with many builders over the years.
From the first meeting to the completion of our home we enjoyed an excellent experience. Everything we agreed to, the quality of workmanship and the timely completion of our home, more than exceeded our expectations.
Henry and his daughter Gail are hard-working individuals of integrity that build quality homes. They pay attention to detail, are a pleasure to work with and always aim to please.
You know how good a company is by the people they employ and how they feel about the owner. Every tradesmen only has great things to say about the organization, Henry in particular!
That was 10 years ago and today we are still loving our NEW HOME and could not be happier!


Bill & Judy Bellion

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